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Cardio 1st Cardiovascular Health First Fitness

First Fitness Cardio 1st Essential Nutrients for the Cardiovascular System is a nutrient-rich supplement with amino acids, antioxidants, CoQ10, and an oral chelation factor (EDTA) that helps support cardiovascular health.





Are you:

• A person who is concerned about cardio health?

• Interested in knowing about the benefits of a healthy heart and Cardiovascular System?

The Problems with Cardiovascular Health:

Maintaining the health of the circulator system is extremely important in

maintaining overall health. If the circulatory and vascular systems are not

working efficiently, nutrients cannot travel throughout the blood vessels properly.

Blood flow is then reduced, which adversely affects the absorption of oxygen,

nutritional elements, etc. Other hereditary factors that can affect cardiovascular

health include: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, high triglyceride

levels, stress, excess weight and lack of exercise.

First Fitness Cardio 1st Solution:

Cardio 1st is the exclusive, heart-healthy formulation which contains substances which support cardiovascular health. A key ingredient in Cardio 1st is the oral chelation factor, ethylenedimine tetra-ascetic acid or

EDTA (a weak amino acid), which is administered orally along with other

essential nutrients. This unique combination assists in providing exceptional

nutritional support and helps maintain efficient functioning of the cardiovascular system. EDTA chelation is the process whereby cholesterol, toxic substances, and mineral plaques are removed from the body. Because EDTA is so effective at removing unwanted minerals and metals from the

blood, it has been the standard FDA-approved treatment for lead, mercury,

aluminum, and cadmium poisoning for more than 50 years.

First Fitness Cardio 1st Results:

• Regular use of Cardio 1st, along with a healthy diet and exercise, can help

support a healthy cardiovascular system.*

• Cardio 1st assists with maintaining healthy oxygen levels and blood flow,

which are vital to maintaining heart muscles and blood vessels.*

• By helping to deliver proper nutrients to the body, Cardio 1st helps maintain

the lining of the artery walls, necessary for the relaxation of blood vessels.*

• Cardio 1st assists with calcium and cholesterol metabolism, and removing

toxic metals, mineral and drug deposits from the body.*

• Because Cardio 1st contributes to improved blood flow in the body, oftentimes memory and cognition can improve with regular use, especially when accompanied with a healthy diet and exercise.*

First Fitness Cardio 1st Key Benefits:

• Supports and provides nutrients for cardiac muscles

• Contributes to general vascular health

• Helps replenish CoQ10, which diminishes with age

• Assists with removing toxic substance from the body to improve vascular health



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease