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First Fitness First Essentials Multi-Vitamin for Women

First Fitness First Essentials Multi-Vitamin for Women helps support the immune system with targeted nutrition for the reproductive system for Women.







Are you:

• A woman who wants the most complete and powerful vitamin-mineral

supplement available?

• A woman who wants to address special female health issues?

• A woman who is pregnant or nursing?

• A woman who is in her childbearing years and has extremely heavy

menstrual cycles?

• A teenage girl who needs to consume more nutrients and iron on a regular


• A woman who is interested in anti-aging?

Why First Essential Multi-Viatmain Is Needed:

The human body systems are always in a state of repair. The body constantly rids itself of used cells and attempts to replace them with new, healthier cells in order to continue the normal body processes necessary to function. However, in today’s society, our diet largely consists of over processed, overcooked foods with little nutrients. This leaves the body depleted of vital nutrients necessary for cell regeneration.

And while the body is always trying to regenerate itself with a nutritionally deficient diet, there are also chronic body conditions that must be addressed. These conditions include iron deficiencies, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Without the right diet or nutritional supplementation, these conditions worsen and can become chronic or even fatal.

Essential Multi-Vitamin Solution For Women:

The solution to this nutritionally deficient epidemic is proper supplementation. Eating the right diet each day is virtually impossible and while we may be able to eat a healthy diet, there are still other genetic and environmental factors to consider. This is why FirstFitness Nutrition created First Essentials, a powerful multi-vitamin complex especially formulated to address the nutritional needs

of women.

First Essentials contains 45 synergistic components, which provide antioxidants, vitamins, chelated minerals—and special, targeted nutrition to help the reproductive system.

First Essential Multi-Vitamin Results:

• Can contribute to a comprehensive program for optimal health, disease

prevention and a maximum, healthy lifespan. This unique formulation includes

antioxidants, vitamins, chelated minerals, phytonutrients, botanical extracts, and other vital factors. These nutrients have been determined as key factors in

assisting with increased longevity, improved cognitive enhancements, and overall nutritional wellness.*

• Contains Iron and higher amounts of Folic Acid, Vitamin B-6, Calcium, and other phytonutrients which can assist with menstrual difficulties and

symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.*

• Assists with important antioxidant support to help neutralize free radicals.*

• Can help increase energy, thereby improving overall performance.*

• Supplies B-Complex vitamins as part of the daily diet, and aids in energy metabolism.*

First Essential Multi-Vitamin Key Benefits:

• Contains a synergistic blend of nutrient and

phytochemical antioxidants that help deactivate

almost every type of free radical

• Assists with balancing female hormones, menstrual

problems, and reduces symptoms of PMS

• Helps alleviate menopausal symptoms

• Improves overall nutritional health with antioxidants,

vitamins and minerals



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease