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Shop First Fitness Nutrition Supplement Relief Products for Maximum Weight Loss, Herbal Whole body Cleanse, Immune System Health Builders and Balancing Your Body with CBD-Rich Hemp Oil. All Products Carry A 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. #TeamFFNSharingHealthInformation 

Fit To A Tea First Fitness Whole Body Detoxifying Tea 

 helps cleanse and detoxify the inner body, which supports bowel regularity and whole body wellness.

First Fitness Fit To A Tea

Helps cleanse and detoxify the inner body whole body wellness



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Are you:

• Interested in cleansing and detoxifying your body?

• Having trouble losing weight?

• Frequently irregular, constipated and/or bloated?

• Suffering from allergy symptoms?

• Unusually tired for no particular reason?

Why Fit To A Tea Whole Body Cleanse Is Needed:

We live in an environment where toxins are ever-present. They enter our bodies through many sources, such as the air we breathe, water we drink, cigarette smoke, chemicals in our environment, food laden with pesticides, hormones, and parasites. These toxins build up over time, and slow down our body processes, causing allergies, weight gain, poor skin, loss of energy, digestion problems, and other illnesses of all kinds. These toxins rob our bodies of much-needed nutrients, as the body is unable to eliminate the toxins in a timely manner. Lifestyle and nutritional changes are necessary for overall  improved health and wellness.

Why Fit To A Tea is the Whole Body Cleanse Solution:

A warm cup of tea is nature’s ultimate “comfort” food. And there’s a reason it feels so good going down, it’s good for you, too. But all teas aren’t created equal. Fit to a Tea! is a special blend of herbs designed to rejuvenate your body’s systems and build its natural defenses.

Fit to a Tea! is non-caloric and naturally helps cleanse and detoxify your body. It also nourishes and supports your intestinal, urinary, and immune  systems.

Fit to a Tea! is an important component of comprehensive factors your body needs to cleanse and reduce excess weight. Best of all, Fit to a Tea! tastes great and soothes you head to toe! You can enjoy this soothing, non-caloric, healthy tea as a beverage alternative.

Fit To A Tea Whole Body Cleanse Results:

• Fit to a Tea! supports your body’s natural processes of detoxification and cleanses your system of accumulated waste that may be harmful to healthy

function and may cause weight gain.*

• Contains nature’s finest botanical concentrates.*

• Supports the ongoing process of cleansing, detoxification and helps restore internal balance by eliminating toxins.*

Fit to a Tea Whole Body Cleanse Powerful Ingredients:

• Senna Leaf acts as a mild, yet effective, laxative able to promote regular bowel movements by stimulating the colon, speeding along the passage of the contents, giving stools less time to harden, putrefy, and toxify the body.

• Buckthorn Bark which assists with elimination, thus preventing constipation.

• Peppermint Leaf helps calm the stomach and improve the flow of bile which the body uses to digest fats. As a result, food passes through the stomach more quickly.

*Red Clover is a very powerful blood purifier.
*Uva Ursi is a very powerful diuretic from water retention.

FIT TO A TEA Whole Body Cleanse Key Benefits:

• Helps detoxify the body

• Supports bowel regularity

• Can improve weight loss efforts

• Assists with digestive issues

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease