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An ongoing series of informational entries


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Side Effects of An Unhealthy Colon with  First Fitness Supplement Relief Benefits

June 10 2020

Some of the effects of an unhealthy colon are an over accumulation of waste material, poor nutritional absorption, constipation, indigestion, fatigue and loss of concentration. The vast majority of absorption takes place in the small intestines.

We know the colon is the secret to a long strong life. It is often referred to as the second brain. The reason for that is the colon has such a direct influence over so many body functions and it kind of knows when the body is not well. So if your intestinal tract is not properly cleansed you will age faster because of the toxic response in the body. Chronic inflammation in the body is the fast track to early aging and it can be reversed if you know what to do. Even in small amounts toxins in the body creates aging and overall it will cause a destruction in the body.  

The things you put into your body if not moved on a timely basis will cause an over accumulation of waste materials in the colon. That material over time become more and more toxic to the body. Not only does it create an inflammatory response in the body it also stops nutrients from being adsorbed . One of the functions of the large intestine is the re-adsorption of water. The buildup in your colon can hinder this from happening. That material can become dehydrated and becomes packed against the colon walls. The colon as a result can become smaller in some areas. As a result you can't push as much material through and now you become constipated. You can be constipated and still have an occasional bowel movement. Along with that you can have acid reflux. The toxin buildup is what's causing the fatigue as you re-adsorb the toxic material through the colon wall to the blood stream and that can create fatigue and brain fog. The diagram can show what other parts of the body is affected by the colon.

A healthy colon can have decreased gas and bloating, glowing complexion, increased mental alertness, decreased allergy symptoms, elimination of parasites and reduced symptoms of depression, hypertension and arthritis.

What cleaning really means is cleaning the body inside out. A lot of cleansing programs you hear about are short term. What I want you to focus on is the long term. This is a marathon and not a hundred yard dash. One of your goals  is cleanse by eating whole foods. Your food should be your medicine and your medicine is the food you eat. Your main focus is the Colon, Kidney, Liver, and Lymphatic detox to improve your overall health and your longevity rate. If all four of those systems are functioning properly it's a hard day for someone to get really sick.

Toxins Are Everywhere!

 Toxins are literally every where in our environment with the food we eat, the water we drink, medications we take and the air we breath.  Water need to be alkaline. You can go to YouTube and see what waters are more alkaline.

The average person has 7 to 25 lbs of excess fecal matter built up in their colon. The average American can consume over 23 lbs of toxins each year with fast foods, carbonated beverages and snack foods. Sugar is the biggest culprit along with the additives and preservatives used to make food last longer and look pretty in the grocery stores. If it preserves the food it's going to preserve you too! Our bodies have tremendous amounts of side effects from the things we eat. The longer the ingredient label, the worst it is for you. If you can't pronounce the ingredients then you probably shouldn't eat it.

Trans fat is known to raise bad cholesterol, lower good cholesterol, cause inflammation in the body and maybe increases the risk of heart disease and perhaps cause cancer. 

How Do You Know You Need to Detox and look for supplementrelief?  

If you experience one or more of the following, then it's time to cleanse and detoxify your body and look for supplementrelief. This includes Constipation, Struggle to lose weight, Fatigue, Lack of energy, Irritability, Bad breath & body odor, Protruding belly, Food cravings, Skin problems, Mood swings, Headaches, Body aches and Allergy symptoms. 

Our Flagship Product

In 1989 First Fitness 1st product was:

 Reneu Inner Body & Colon Cleanse, the foundation to optimal health & wellness. Reneu has been the top selling product for over 30 years! Reneu helps cleanse & detoxify the intestinal system, promotes regular elimination and enhances weight loss success.  Reneu scientifically advanced botanical and fatty acid complex that helps with cleansing, detoxification, and elimination. Reneu enhances the absorption of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts that enhances weight loss and helps prevent chronic illness. Reneu includes Undecylenic Acid (Anti fungal agent), a botanical complex, and probiotics which maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora.

Lipomax Liver Cleanse cleanses and detoxifies the liver, supports optimal liver health and helps relieve bloating. We know the liver Metabolizes proteins, fats, & carbs, Filters blood, Stores Vitamins, and Breaks down and eliminates excess hormones (estrogen).

Fit To A Tea! whole body detoxifying tea supports bowel regularity, assists with digestive issues, and enhances weight loss. Fit To A Tea is your Liver and Lymphatic cleanser. The system that washes all the debris from cells and also residue left from infections. The Liver is the main organ that filters the blood. The Red Clover in Fit To A Tea is a very powerful blood Purifier. The Uva Ursi is a very powerful diuretic from water retention. 

I suggest everyone do all three products for a whole body cleanse. You also need to cut back on process food, drink water from a pure source, bouncing on a small trampoline or large "Swiss ball" will help to stimulate the Lymphatic, avoid alcohol, reduce caffeine beverages and the herbs in this cleansing system will help tremendously. 

Information is courtesy of members of Firstfitness Medical Advisory Board Dr. Phillip Smith  Dr. Smith is an international lecturer on health and wellness. He has a thriving Chiropractic practice in Gonzales, LA where he focuses on Brain Based Wellness and holistic health including posture, alignment, nutrition and stress management.

First Fitness Nutrition Supplement Relief Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries


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Can Reneu Detoxify Your Body with Supplement Relief

March 15, 2020

The colon plays an important role in detoxification. A healthy colon is the secret to living a healthy life. If your intestinal tract and colon are not properly cleansed, you can actually age faster. Even in small quantities toxins in your colon can age and destroy your body. Without proper elimination your system begins to putrefy and decay and your body becomes a breeding ground for parasites.

What Is Reneu Colon Cleanse?

Lets begin with First Fitness flagship product Reneu Inner Body Colon Cleanse, the foundation for optimal health and wellness.  Reneu has been the top selling product for over 30 years. The question is "What Is Cleansing?".  It's not a foot bath or three days at a spa for sure. Your goal is to cleanse by eating whole foods as well as a regime of long term Reneu colon cleanse. You eat every day and you are exposed to toxicity everyday so why not do a daily regime of one supplementrelief vegetarian capsule of Reneu with your one a day vitamin? 

What Are The Benefits of Reneu?

Reneu promotes digestive health and enhances the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts, optimizing weight loss and improving your health and wellness. Reneu also helps reduce the uncomfortable feeling of abdominal bloating and the unsightly swollen appearance of your waistline. Over time you will notice a big difference in how you well as well as your appearance.

This article is not to encourage you to stop taking prescribed medication or not listen to your doctor. I am hereto encourage you to work on improving your health by adding some essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc to improve how you feel and your overall appearance by improving your immune system.


First Fitness Nutrition Herbal Cleansing

First Fitness Nutrition Herbal Cleansing includes 3 powerful products, Reneu that help cleanse and detoxify the intestinal system, Lipomax that cleanse and detoxifies the liver, and Fit To A Tea contains a special blend of herbs and botanical's designed to help cleanse and detoxify the body. First Fitness also has a 10-Day Whole Body Cleanse that includes a combination of all three. A powerful combination to help cleanse your body of toxins, parasites, and harmful substances that build up in your system over time.



Reneu Colon Cleanse Review and Solution

Reneú is safe for use by all adults, and anyone can benefit from decreased toxicity and improved digestive health. There's no way to avoid 100% of the environmental toxins in today's societies, but that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do to mitigate their health impacts.

 FirstFitness Nutrition's Reneú Inner Body and Colon Cleanse offers a gentle but effective solution for eliminating endotoxins, a toxin that is present inside a bacterial cell and is released when the cell disintegrates. It is sometimes responsible for the characteristic symptoms of a disease supporting beneficial microbial, relating to or characteristic of a microorganism, especially a bacterium causing disease or fermentation.

FirstfFitness Nutrition Reneu helps reduce the uncomfortable feeling of abdominal bloating and the unsightly swollen appearance of your waistline. Renue is an inner body and colon cleanse designed to help cleanse and detoxify the intestinal system.

FirstFitness Nutrition's Reneú Inner Body & Colon Cleanse is designed to detoxify the body's intestinal system and colon. It is formulated from natural botanical agents, antifungal agents, probiotics, and fatty acids that bind to toxins and remove them from your digestive tracts before they can go on to contaminate the rest of the body. This helps to restore the health of beneficial intestinal flora, which are essential for healthy digestion.


First Fitness Lipomax Liver Cleanse Reviews And Solution

Supporting your liver helps to improve your overall digestive health, and staying on top of your diet and paying attention to any symptoms you might experience are key factors in determining the steps your body needs you to take to be at your optimal health. Taking the initiative to protect and maintain your liver's functioning ability is a responsible and crucial step to keep your body's systems working at their best. LipoMax is an excellent choice in this pursuit, as it offers the potential for significant benefits to the body and, consequently, the lives of those choosing the health of their liver through a cleansing detox.

The main job of the liver is to filter blood coming into the digestive track and rid it of harmful chemicals and toxins, as well as to metabolize drugs, before passing the blood onto other parts of the body. By these processes, the liver secretes a bile that ends up back in the intestines, produces glucose, and also produces proteins necessary for blood clotting and other necessary functions.

Lipomax liver cleanse is a proper one-in-all liver cleansing package. It should be used regularly in order to keep the liver clean and your body healthy. Keeping blood pure and filtered is necessary for good health. With passing time germs are also getting evolved and complex and so are the diseases caused by these germs.