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LifeGest Digestive Enzymes First Fitness

 First Fitness LifeGest Digestive Enzymes enhances the absorption of essential nutrients, supports healthy digestion, helps relieve occasional heartburn, indigestion, and bloating.





Are you:

• Regularly experiencing digestive problems such as heartburn, acid

indigestion or gas?

• Experiencing bloating and/or a stomach ache after eating?

• A person who wants to improve nutrient absorption for better health?

Digestive Problems:

Whether it’s due to the foods we eat, genetic predisposition, or age, we frequently experience digestion issues such as gas, bloating, indigestion, etc. We may regularly suffer from stomach aches, acid reflux or heartburn after eating. This situation can worsen until we lose our appetite, knowing how uncomfortable we will be after eating. When digestion and absorption of

nutrients is impaired, we don’t feel well. Then our overall health suffers because we must be able to receive nutrients for our bodies to repair themselves. Poor digestion can not only make us uncomfortable, but it can become a serious health issue.

Why First Fitness LifeGest Has The  Solution:

LifeGest promotes digestive functions, while supplying powerful enzymes which help the body digest protein, fat and carbohydrates for optimal nutrient utilization to support a healthy body. 

LifeGest is a powerful preparation of digestive enzymes that include proteases, carbohydrates and lipase working synergistically with the body’s digestive system. This multi-enzyme combination has a very broad range for digesting various dietary proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. 

LifeGest contains apergillus   Oryzae enzymes, which begin working in the upper stomach are temporarily inactive in the lower stomach, and return to their fully active state in the intestines to complete the digestive process. With today’s busy lifestyle and “on-the-go” eating habits, LifeGest offers much needed help with digestion for overall improved nutrient absorption and better health.

First Fitness LifeGest Results:

• Digestive enzymes have been shown to improve nutritional factor absorption, and actually prevent the formation of intestinal gas and bloating from certain


• With improved digestion, more nutrients are absorbed in the body, thereby greatly improving our health.*

• LifeGest enhances fat emulsification and helps the body digest both plant and animal foods.*

• LifeGest restores digestive enzymes that may be lacking in processed and

cooked foods.*

• No more digestion complaints such as gas, bloating, and belching, while irregular bowel movements are eliminated.*

• LifeGest supports pre-digestion activity on foods in the stomach and continues working in the small intestines.*

First Fitness LifeGest Key Benefits:

• Supports healthy digestion and intestinal function

• Helps relieve heartburn and indigestion

• Enhances absorption of nutrients

• Helps relieve occasional stomach ache, acid

indigestion, gas and bloating



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease