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Vital Green Over 50 Vegetables, Fruits & Phytonutrients First Fitness

First Fitness Vital Green Over 50 Vegetables, Fruits & Phytonutrients. A green superfood that supports immune health, helps neutralize harmful free radicals, and increases the body's alkalinizing potential. 




Are you:

• Someone who is not eating enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis?

• Someone who wants to increase their level of antioxidants?

• Someone who wants to benefit from phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables?

• Someone who wants to help support their immune system?

The Problem:

Fruit and vegetable consumption has been decreasing rapidly in the U.S. and around the globe in the past few years. Most of us find it difficult to consume 4-5 fruits and vegetables each day, much less consume the daily 9-10 servings the USDA now recommends. And even if we found it easy to consume the recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables, with the increase of toxic chemicals in our environment, soil, pesticides, and fertilizers, the actual nutrient consumption in those 9-10 servings each day is minimal at best. This continues to leave our bodies robbed of various nutrients, and nutritionally defenseless against everyday illnesses and other, more serious diseases.

Why Vital Green Has The Solution:

FirstFitness Nutrition has the answer to this nutritional dilemma. Vital Green Plus is a super green, nutraceutical superfood containing over 50 fruits, vegetables, and phytonutrients. Vital Green provides cells with vital nutrients, antioxidants, and many nutrients that your body needs to perform at peak efficiency. Plus, with regular use, Vital Green helps you meet and surpass the body’s need for 9-10 servings of Fruits/vegetables each day. 

Vital Green supplies your body with powerful trace elements, vitamins, polypeptides, and pH alkalizers. These components also work synergistically with EGCG to help program your body for apoptosis (programmed cell death). EGCG compound kills cancer cells by fragmenting their DNA – a typical apoptosis. This sends a message to unhealthy cells that they should self-destruct, while leaving

healthy cells fully intact.

Vital Green Results:

• Provides the vegetables, fruits and phytonutrients we need every day to help neutralize harmful free radicals.*

• Supports a vigorous and efficient immune system.*

• Promotes longevity and anti-aging.*

• Supports strong bones.*

• Helps protect against harmful stress.*

• Delivers vital nutrients to every cell of the body.*

• Revitalizes and helps maintain a healthy digestive tract.*

Vital Green Key Benefits:

• Fortified with: barley grass, spirulina, alfalfa and chlorella

• Provides provitamin A, vitamins K, D, B and E

• Polypeptides enhance protein synthesis, hormone functions and immunity.

• Contains Chlorella Growth Factor, which stimulates tissue repair and regeneration.

• Alfalfa constituents block absorption of cholesterol and prevent atherosclerotic plaque formation.

• Alkalinity of ingredients assist with highly stressed, overly acidic environments in our bodies.

• Plant enzymes function as antioxidants like superoxide

dismutase, which enhances immunity, and aids in





*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease